Final Expense

Life is a series of events and usually it is helpful to plan in advance to make sure we achieve our goals. Going to college, getting married, starting a family and planning for retirement are all big decisions in one’s life. What about after we are gone? Is there a particular legacy we wish to leave?

Life insurance can: 

  • Be a cost-effective way to remove some of the financial burden from a loved one
  • Provide a head start for children or grandchildren
  • Help pay for funeral expenses that are now averaging $22,000
  • Provide payments for medical bills and other consumer debts

We offer a variety of programs to fit your needs including ones that do not require any health exams or health questions

Our experienced agents are here to answer your questions and help you understand your options. For more information, call our office at (800) 499-0067 and one of our friendly representatives will assist you. You may also fill out the simple form and we will contact you.

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