Ken Stein

Licensed Insurance Agent

(914) 671 0717

As a Certified Financial Planner® I must meet the professional standard of doing what is in my client’s best interest.  Helping a client plan for future long term care costs meets this duty of care.  Find peace of mind and preserve your retirement nest egg now and in the future by addressing the risk of needing and paying for care.

My personal story illustrates how things happen that we never anticipate.  Twenty one years ago I spent a full week in the trauma ward of our local hospital.  I had crashed on my mountain bike with multiple injuries.  I was lucky.   I walked out of that hospital and bought a long term care policy soon after.

My professional career spans investment management, financial planning, insurance and estate planning.  Todays’ long term care planning is an overlay to all these areas and should be a part of everyone’s comprehensive plans for the future.  Talk with your family.  Plan now.

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